You HAVE To See This! Brianna McDonnell aka The B Word’s Stunning 1970’s Inspired Fat Girl Fashion Film

One of our fat fashion favorites, Brianna McDonnell, also known as @_The_B_Word_ on Instagram, recently released a gorgeous, artistic fashion film filled with gorgeous 1970’s inspired esthetics and swimwear looks.

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As a plus size woman who loves to be active and work out, one of the most important things to have is comfortable training sneakers and clothes. No one wants to

Know Your Fat History: The Fat In of 1967

This past weekend marked the 54th anniversary of the Fat In in New York City. On June 5th, 1967, 500 fat people came to Central Park to protest against fat discrimination.

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We have officially launched our new community, the TCF Style Lounge! Our style lounge is where fashionistas can be themselves unapologetically and connect with other

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As cities worldwide gather to celebratePride this month, there’s no reason why the celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community needs to end once July 1 rolls around. Raising up and supporting LGBTQIA+

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Let’s be honest for a moment and admit one thing; the world is not made to cater to fat people, from representation to societal beauty standards to clothing and everything else

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In an era dedicated to the constantly evolving yet lucrative “influencer” social media culture, Natural Models LA/Muse NYC model Tabria Majors is carving her own path in a way that is

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Soap & Glory, the brand known for its iconic body butters and yummy smelling fragrances, wants us to get our glow on just in time for the start of summer. This

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Many folks this past year had to postpone their travel plans indefinitely due to the COVID19 pandemic. As folks are getting vaccinated, many are hoping to travel this summer and upcoming