Curly Hair-Specific Towels - Trepadora Curl Therapy's Curly Towel Helps Eliminate Frizz (

Trepadora Curl Therapy's Curly Towel is specially designed to "remove excess water without losing your curl pattern or causing frizz." The product is an alternative to traditional towels that can cause frizz

Dry-Speeding Hair Collections - The Lazy Jane Air Dry Collection Supports Effortless Air Drying (

The Eva NYC Lazy Jane Air Dry collection introduces a unique shampoo and conditioner pair that specifically helps to support air-dried hair. The products are designed to help hair become moisturized, texturized

Natural Afro-Specific Hair Products - Afrocenchix Emphasizes Natural and Nourishing Formulas (

As a POC-owned brand, Afrocenchix "meets the demand for natural afro hair care products." The business was born from a gap in the market that failed to address the specific needs of

Plant-Based Hair Oils - The Afro Hair & Skin Co. Boasts Nutrient-Dense Products That are Natural (

The Afro Hair & Skin Co.—which is an award-winning afro beauty and wellness brand—is offering a nourishing plant-based hair oil to consumers with textured hair who are looking for a multi-tasking product

Nourishing Plant Oil Shampoos - VERNON FRANÇOIS® Boasts Care Solutions for a Diverse Types of Hair (

PURE~FRO® by VERNON FRANÇOIS® is a special plant oil shampoo that is geared to treat "all kinky, coily, and tightly curled hair." The product is packed with nourishing ingredients that are multi-tasking

Non-Toxic Hair Care Sets - Sisters Body's Complete Set (

The Sisters Body complete set consists of the brand's non-toxic Balancing Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner and
Gentle Body Wash. The three-in-one kit features products formulated with 100% essential oils, including no added

Skincare-Inspired Scalp Collections - Neutrogena Healthy Scalp Has Skincare Ingredients (

Inspired by the "skinification" of haircare and the fact that consumers are looking more deeply into scalp care, the Neutrogena Healthy Scalp collection was created to bring "the science of skincare to

Nourishing Dry Shampoos - Act+Acre Created a Non-Chalky Dry Shampoo That Promotes Hair Health (

Act+Acre, a brand founded by hairstylist Helen Reavey that uses a cold processed method to create its products, is set to launch a revolutionary dry shampoo that's made without the drying alcohol

Black-Owned Beauty Marketplaces - Ebony Crown's Marketplace Curates Hair & Beauty Businesses (

Founded in May 2020, Ebony Crown is an online marketplace for curated Black-owned beauty and hair businesses. The start-up was created in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement to highlight

Minimalist Curly Haircare Lines - BREAD is a Clean Haircare Brand Catering Primarily to WOC (

BREAD is a clean haircare brand for women with naturally curly hair, catering primarily to women of color who are looking for simplicity in their routine.

BREAD was launched when founder

Honey-Infused Solid Shampoos - Lush's 'Honey I Washed My Hair' Works to Moisturize and Soften Hair (

Lush's Naked Line has gained traction over the last few years as more and more consumers emphasize the need for sustainability and one of the company's best-selling products is the 'Honey I

3-in-1 Edge Tools - Pattern's Edge Styling Tool Supports Coiled & Curly Hair (

Pattern Beauty’s dual-ended edge styling tool offers three functions in one compact design. The Edge Tool can be used to comb, brush or swirl baby hairs into desired shapes with precision. The