Louis Vuitton City of Star parfümü, Los Angeles'ın öngörülemezliğini yakalıyor.

I Tried Sydney’s Hidden Italian Village & It Was Bellissimo

Sydneysiders who have the travel bug know just how long and arduous (and expensive!) it can be to get to certain parts of the world. Take Italy, for example.


Rado’s ‘Perfect Outdoors Watch’ Gets An Even More Adventurous Makeover

Rado’s been on a real winning streak lately. The Grenchen, Switzerland-based watchmaker, famous for its use of ceramic in watches, has quietly become the 12th best-selling watch brand in the world

This On-Sale Smokeless Fire Pit Will Supercharge Your Outdoor Hangs (Plus 9 More Big Gear Deals)

After months of ceaselessly cold winter temperatures, (some) warmer days have arrived. It's weather that makes even the most stalwart home bodies peek their heads out their window and consider going

Here's What Sam Asghari Has to Say About the Gender of His and Britney Spears's Baby

Sam Asghari is looking forward to welcoming his first child with Britney Spears, but don't expect the couple to be sharing a gender reveal any time soon.

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Hit Refresh: ELLE's April Shopping Guide

It's hard to improve on old favorites. But this season, designers did just that, turning out chic twists on cargoes, trench coats, and more.

A Limited-Edition Denim Collection That Celebrates the Blue-Jean Spirit

Things can be legendary and things can be Legendary—and sometimes things can be both. It’s a fact that Lucky Brand understood and ran with for its Lucky Legends collection, an

‘Asylum Officers Are Playing God’: Luma Mufleh on Coming to America as an Immigrant

When Luma Mufleh took a wrong turn and found herself in a parking lot in Clarkston, Georgia, on a spring day in 2004, she didn’t expect to meet and become a

STOP! These Common Foods Are Responsible For Your Acne Flare-ups

In a world of instant gratification, we often need an off-the-counter meal because we have a super busy schedule, and really, who still fries chips at home, right? But we forget that

Luxury Delight! How To Select Fine Jewelry Pieces With The Highest Resale Value

In the words of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” Proving and embodying this expression, jewelry items with the highest resale value are in high demand. In other

How Much Would You Pay to Have a Baby? Inside the Life-Changing Cost of Fertility Treatment

When my husband and I decided to start a family, we knew from the jump that we’d need help. Decades of anorexia had left me without a period as I entered


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