Here’s to the Big Fits in the New House of Gucci Trailer

If there’s one thing to be gleaned from the new trailer for Ridley Scott’s upcoming Gucci family biopic, it’s that even when everything is all Gucci, not everything is necessarily, well,

5 Reasons He Didn’t Call You Back

Y ou were out for dinner with this really cool guy and you two were vibing on a different level.…

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‘Madly in Love’ Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Were Photographed Making Out at a Restaurant

Bennifer's great European summer vacation included more than just yachting and sightseeing in Italy this week. Paparazzi also caught Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck having a hot and heavy makeout while

How To Rock The Colorful Eyeliner Trend This Summer: 16 Looks + Tips!

It’s without doubt that this year, the beauty scene has witnessed an array of fads that relay the message of self-expression. Doing this and more, the colorful eyeliner trend has galvanized

5 Clothing Pieces To Wear If You’re Top-Heavy Bottom-Skinny

It doesn’t matter what body type you have, wearing the right fit is key. Whether you’re an hourglass or you’re…

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Yes, You Can Protest Without Marching

This week, the Americans with Disabilities Act turned 31 years old. For the uninitiated, the landmark civil rights law prohibits discrimination” against people with disabilities in many aspects of life including

These Are 5 Rave Worthy Pants You Actually Need In Your Closet


ave you ever gone shopping only to be overwhelmed by the number of pant variations and designs? In between what was intended to be a quick shopping, you are confused

Dwayne Johnson Wears the Ultimate Action-Hero Watch

Welcome toWatches of the Week, where we'll track the rarest, wildest, and most covetable watches spotted on celebrities.

Hollywood’s beefiest action stars are known for a few things: bludgeoning hordes of

Jeremy O. Harris’ creative flair – Style, Zola review and SSENSE collab

CREDITS | image 1: David Abrahams/GQ, image 2: Walter McBride/WireImage, image 3: Micaiah Carter/GQ, image 4: Getty Images, image 5: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images, image 6: Robert Nethery/ Garage Magazine, image 7:

Jeremy O. Harris’ creative flair – SSENSE WORKS, Zola review and writing

Jeremy O Harris is at the intersection of storytelling, fashion and queerness. With great style praised by the likes of GQ and Vogue, “the most Tony nominated one-hit wonder” (as Jeremy

Here's Jennifer Lopez Posing in a Tiny Bikini on a Yacht, as One Does When You're J.Lo

I was in my 20s and I was dating this guy. He went to one dermatologist and I went to another dermatologist. Basically, my dermatologist gave me a great cleanser and some

Carlacia Grant Welcomes You to The New Outer Banks

Outer Banks owes much of its runaway success to timing. The Netflix action-adventure drama, frequently billed as a sort of The O.C. meets The Goonies, hit the streaming behemoth just as


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