Holiday Shopping is Here Already Thanks to Katy Perry and Gap

Photography provided by Gap

The “Smile” singer on starring in Gap’s holiday campaign and what “All You Need is Love” means to her.


As so many of you have recently asked, this week I am reposting my go-to low sleek bun and daily make up routine posts. Over the past few years I have

How Old Jewish Guys Became the Viral Sensation of 2021

Sanders is beloved by some, but he’s also famously divisive among people on both sides of the political spectrum. Yet we can’t seem to get enough of images of Sanders—or shots

The Best Chelsea Boots to Wear with Everything

It might be a while since you last seriously considered the best Chelsea boots for men. We're a few years out from the style's heyday, and much has changed in the

Wes Anderson Remains the Undefeated King of the Corduroy Suit

Welcome to theBiggest Fits of the Week, a roundup of the strongest, wildest, and simply biggest celebrity fits from across the globe.


Bottega Veneta, Ekim 2020’de Londra’da Salon 01, Nisan 2021’de Berlin’de gerçekleştirilen Salon 02 tanıtımını gerçekleştirdi. Salon', Bottega Veneta'nın ana hazır giyim sunumu ve koleksiyonlarını sunduğu yeni bir konseptin parçası…


How La Prairie Is Using Art to Bring Luxury to the Masses

“The cool peace and dewy sweetness of the night filled me with a mood of hope,” Charlotte Brontë wrote in her 1853 novel Villette. “Not hope on any definite point, but

Last Week, The Best Dressed Ladies Kept The Show Going


hat’s a show if it’s filled with ill dressed ladies holding up a glass of champagne albeit in an uppity manner? The highlights of every great show is the style


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