It’s All In The Eyes: These Eye Makeup Tips Will Make You Look Sexier

T hey say the eyes are the window to the soul, and I completely agree. However, I am also of the…

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Sydney Sweeney Thought Cassie Was Going to Be Killed Off in Euphoria

It’s very tough to imagine the second season of Euphoria without Cassie Howard. Her relationship with Nate Jacobs sparked a wave of drama throughout East Highland, culminating into a massive fight

Floral Essentials: Tips To Choosing The Right Wedding Bouquet

Everyone knows that the bridal bouquet plays a very important role in a wedding, especially considering how close it is to the second main attraction of the day — the bride’s dress.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Reportedly Had a Secret Rave-Themed Baby Shower

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky quietly had a baby shower to celebrate their little one, HipHollywood.comand Entertainment Tonight report. received extensive detail on the party, which was rave-themed and took place

This Is the Most Affordable Way to Get a GMT on Your Wrist

For all its jet-set glamour, the golden age of air travel hasn’t, well, aged all that great. (The free-flowing booze and jumbo-sized carry-ons? Still cool. The chain smoking and casual sexism?

The Elusive Family Behind Chrome Hearts, Fashion’s Most Unlikely Empire

Though it was never part of the plan, Richard, Laurie Lynn, and their three children have become fashion-world celebrities. “We never wanted to be famous designers. We wanted to be successful


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