Refillable Shampoo Packaging - P&G Beauty is Launching a Reusable Aluminium Bottle System (

To improve upon hair product packaging and reduce waste, P&G Beauty is introducing its first-ever reusable aluminum bottle system, which makes it much easier for consumers to make the most of refillable

Volumizing Charcoal Hair Jellies - The 'Obsidian Hair Jelly' Leaves Hair Looking Bouncy and Shiny (

Luna Nectar expanded its haircare line with the addition of the 'Obsidian Volumizing & Anti-Pollution Hair Jelly.'

Offered in a sleek black bottle with iridescent branding, the product makes a welcome

Clean Haircare Collections - Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty Supports Anti-Frizz, Hydration and Repair (

Paul Mitchell is debuting its first clean hair collection with a new brand called Paul Mitchell Clean Beauty that focuses on everyday care, as well as frizz-fighting, hydration and repair. The Clean

Sulfate-Free Aloe Hair Lines - Herbal Essences Updated Its Selection of Natural Haircare Products (

Herbal Essences, the accessible haircare brand from Procter & Gamble, updated its line of natural haircare products with the addition of the 'Potent Aloe Sulfate Free Shampoo and Conditioner.'

Each product's

Custom Men's Haircoloring Kits - Color&Co's Personal Kits Make At-Home Hair Transformations Easy (

Color&Co supplies its consumers with convenient at-home haircoloring kits that are specifically geared towards their unique needs. Personalized Haircolor for Men by L’Oréal is just one of the kit series offered by

Multi-Dimensional Demi-Permanent Hair Colors - Wella Professionals Debuts a New Color Collection (

Wella Professionals recently expanded its collection of ammonia-free, multi-dimensional demi-permanent hair colors with the introduction of the new Colour Touch Bellini series. The series embraces the increasingly popular red tones that influencers

AI Hair Analysis Tools - John Paul Mitchell Systems' Device Makes Product Recommendations (

John Paul Mitchell Systems (JPMS) created an AI hair analysis tool called Hair AI powered by Fitskin, that will be exclusively available to JPMS wholesale salon customers. The device is designed to

Gentle Powder Pink Hairbrushes - A Portion of Proceeds from Each 'Pink Manta Brush' Supports Rethink (

In line with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Manta Canada announced that it would be donating 15 percent of the proceeds from each 'Pink Manta Brush' that's purchased through its website to Rethink

Top 100 Fashion Trends in October - From Face Covering Tees to Fictional Post-Pandemic Fashion (

The October 2020 fashion trends are full of progressive designs that nod to tradition and honor contemporary aesthetics as well. As the fall season fast approaches, many brands prepare for the dropping

Inflammation-Soothing Scalp Scrubs - The True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub is a Pre-Cleanse Treatment (

The True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub is Innersense Organic Beauty's first-ever scalp-focused treatment and it's a soothing scalp scrub that's full of cleansing and exfoliating ingredients to support a healthy and well-balanced scalp.

Naturally Strengthening Haircare - The Strong + Healthy Collection Aids with Prevention & Protection (

The Strong + Healthy Collection from Dr. Miracle's shares eight new hair and scalp wellness products to support and protect naturally curly and chemically processed hair, especially when it comes to reducing

Strengthening CBD Haircare - Calm SexyHair Shares the Benefits of 99% Pure CBD for Hair (

SexyHair is introducing Calm SexyHair as the first-ever full haircare range made with 99% Pure CBD derived from the hemp flower. The five-piece collection shares products that are soothing and strengthening, and