Clean Curly Haircare - Jozi Curls is Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Affordably Priced (

Jozi Curls makes clean curly haircare that's powered by high-quality ingredients accessible to a wide range of consumers with curly or coily hair, as the products are priced at just $4.99 each.

Minimal Ingredient Haircare - Native's Naturally Derived Haircare Has 10 Ingredients or Less (

Native, a brand known for its clean, effective, plant-based and cruelty-free deodorants, is now venturing into the creation of naturally derived haircare. The personal care company's first line of naturally derived haircare

At-Home Haircut Platforms - HouseCuts Facilitates Safe and Convenient Haircuts in the Boston Area (

HouseCuts is a Boston-based company that launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When Founder Shais Raza saw the increased reliance on tech when many businesses had to temporally close their doors

Affordable Luxury Haircare - Hairitage Offers Cost-Conscious, Quality Products for All Hair Types (

Hairitage by Mindy McKnight is an influencer-created haircare range that was developed to offer high-quality, luxurious products for all hair types at an affordable price. Launched in 2020, the brand is expanding

Top 100 Fashion Trends in February - From Whimsical Escapism Fashion to Y2K-Inspired Denim Capsules (

The February 2021 fashion trends stem from a wide range of influences, delivering silhouettes that are ready for any season of the year globally. This list celebrates an eclectic range of inspirations

10 Curly Hair-Specific Products - From Curly Hair-Specific Towels to Natural Curly Hair Care (

Consumers with curly hair understand that many products designed for other hair textures may not agree with their hair type and this list of curly hair-specific products provides great options to bring

Girl Group-Inspired Wigs - Insert Name Here's Wig Collection was Inspired by K-Pop Groups (

Insert Name Here is a Gen Z-favored haircare brand, boasting stylish and high-end wigs, clip-ins, and extensions. Now, the brand is back with a collection of wigs inspired by the hair styles

Low-Cost Dry Shampoos - Trader Joe's Affordable Dry Shampoo is Conveniently Sized & Non-Aerosol (

While some dry shampoos are priced between $10 and $20, Trader Joe's created an affordable dry shampoo that rings in at just $4.99. The conveniently sized product is easy to use and

Bearded Skin Exfoliators - DERMASURI Takes Inspiration from Ancient Eastern Beauty Rituals (

DERMASURI makes a variety of skin exfoliators inspired by ancient Eastern beauty rituals where the face and body are deeply cleared of toxins, blood circulation is boosted and the immune system is

Detoxifying Turmeric Hair Treatments - Bounce Curl's Turmeric Detox Fights Dandruff (

Bounce Curls has expanded its range of naturally derived hair products with the launch of its Turmeric Detox, a versatile hair treatment that can help to fend off dandruff, decrease scalp discomfort,

Customized Pigmented Haircare - AURA's Hair Product Formulas Target Both Care and Color Goals (

AURA offers a different approach to hair care by offering made-to-order formulas that can be personalized and pigmented according to a customer's needs and preferences. AURA is a new launch from the

Jelly-to-Cream Conditioners - The New Carol's Daughter Formula Has Tangle-Melting Technology (

After releasing its innovative Water-To-Foam shampoo, Carol's Daughter is expanding its Wash Day Delight line with a brand-new first-of-its-kind formula: the Wash Day Delight Jelly-To-Cream Conditioner. Just like its companion product, the