Clean Minimalist Haircare - Priyanka Chopra Jonas' Anomaly Haircare Line is Sustainable & Affordable (

Priyanka Chopra Jonas' Anomaly haircare line is powered by ultra-clean formulas, sustainable packaging and it's accessible to a wide range of consumers thanks to its affordable price point—products are just $5.99. The

Zero-Waste Shampoo Bars - Good Juju Sells Sustainably Made Shower Products That are Made Organically (

Good Juju is a Canadian brand that specializes in zero-waste shampoo and conditioner bars, which were created to supply consumers with a high-quality alternative to typical shower products that are packaged in

Onion-Based Haircare - Nykaa Natural Haircare's Shampoo & Conditioner Pairs Onion & Fenugreek (

Nykaa Beauty's newly launched Nykaa Natural Haircare range includes shampoo and conditioner in varieties like Apple Cider Vinegar & Ginger and other unique varieties like Onion & Fenugreek. The ingredient-led solutions are

Affordable Hair Repair Treatments - The Inkey List PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment Rebuilds Bonds (

Some of the most popular hair repair treatments are costly ones and The Inkey List is introducing an affordable alternative with its all-new PCA Bond Repair Hair Treatment. The product takes the

Premium Affordable Haircare Lines - The New TRESemmé® Pro Collection Offers Salon Quality Results (

The new TRESemmé® Pro Collection is formulated using the brand's advanced technologies and features three signature wash and care product lines. The products offer long-lasting styling results after every wash and boast

Skincare-Inspired Haircare - Dove Hair Therapy is Launching in Partnership with Hyram Yarbro (

Dove Hair is introducing the Dove Hair Therapy range as a collection of hair products informed by the principles of haircare. The line of shampoos, conditioners and leave-on treatments are designed to

Musical Grooming Ads - Dollar Shave Club's We Got You Campaign Reveals Common Issues (

Dollar Shave Club (DSC) is establishing itself as much more than a shave subscription service with its new campaign called We Got You, which helps to solidify DSC as a grooming brand

Water-Activated Curly Conditioners - Wakati Teamed Up with HBCUs to Make Products for Textured Hair (

Wakati collaborated with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to create a line of hair products specifically for curly and textured hair. One of the standout products from the brand is the

Color-Correcting Hair Masques - The Triple Threat Brunette Hair Masque Cancels Out Brassiness (

Not Your Mother's Triple Threat Brunette Hair Masque helps to support color-treated hair with softening and conditioning ingredients, plus color-correcting properties to diminish traces of brassy tones. The hair product for those

Waterless Shampoo Tabelts - Mirage's Shower-Activated Shampoo Tabs Share a Zero-Waste Design (

Mirage's Waterless Shower-Activated Shampoo Tabs help to support sustainable living with their zero-waste design. The plastic-free product is contained within paper tube packaging that's biodegradable and recyclable, plus the tabs themselves are

Clean Curly Haircare - Jozi Curls is Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Affordably Priced (

Jozi Curls makes clean curly haircare that's powered by high-quality ingredients accessible to a wide range of consumers with curly or coily hair, as the products are priced at just $4.99 each.

Minimal Ingredient Haircare - Native's Naturally Derived Haircare Has 10 Ingredients or Less (

Native, a brand known for its clean, effective, plant-based and cruelty-free deodorants, is now venturing into the creation of naturally derived haircare. The personal care company's first line of naturally derived haircare