Top 100 Hair Trends in 2021 - From Stylish Scrunchie Collectibles to Clay Hair Cleansers (

The top 2021 hair trends range from high-tech salons and anti-aging hair care systems to beautifying 3D-printed supplements. With hair care seen as an extension of self-care, consumers are indulging in express

Hair Loss Ampoules - HAIRNA's Professional Hair Loss Solution is a Five-Piece Product Set (

The new HAIRNA product line shares five solutions that are useful for addressing scalp hair, hair damage and hair loss. The product line includes shampoo, treatment, toner and ampoules with exosomes, which

Plant-Based Canadian Hair Care - Plant-Based Keratinworks Offers Salon Quality at Home (

Salon-quality hair is now available at-home with the launch of plant-based Keratinworks – a collection of soothing products uniquely designed to keep hair healthy, and strong. As the winter season approaches, staying

Kids K-Beauty Brands - I'm NOT A Baby Products Use Goat Milk from New Zealand (

Korean beauty brand I'm NOT A Baby is entering the North American market via Amazon and its products for kids tap into the popularity of all things Korean, from personal care products

Dual-Action Hair Treatments - Briogeo's Treatment Strengthens & Moisturizes with Rice Water for Hair (

Achieving the right balance of protein and moisture can be a challenge when maintaining healthy hair and Briogeo is helping to simplify this process with its newest intensive weekly treatment with rice

Melon-Infused Hair Masks - The Watermelon Crush Hair Mask Quenches Dry, Thirsty Strands (

Triviso's Watermelon Crush Hair Mask is a unique haircare product that's packaged in a squeezable format and likened to "hair juice." The watermelon-infused hair mask is made with a combination of ultra-nourishing

Performance Biotech Haircare - K18's Scientific Approach to Haircare Rapidly Reverses Damage (

K18 is the high-performance biotech haircare brand that has now expanded into Sephora and it shares a science-based approach to improving the health of the hair. With products like the Leave-In Molecular

Fuzzy Holiday Headbands - Mary Kitchen and Locks & Mane Launched the MK Headband (

The MK Headband is a fuzzy holiday-ready hair accessory. Mary Kitchen, a Canadian Media Personality, and Locks & Mane, North America's fastest-growing extension and accessories brand, collaborated on a limited-edition headband. The

Water-Activated Volumizing Powder Shampoos - SexyHair Debuted the Powder Play Shampoo & Conditioner (

SexyHair, the popular hair care brand, recently expanded its portfolio with the introduction of the new Powder Play Shampoo and Conditioner. The water-activated volumizing powder products offer 50% more volume and are

High-Performance Ayurvedic Haircare - Champo Tailors Its Products to Three Main "Hair Doshas" (

Influenced by the traditional principles of Ayurdeva, Champo creates nourishing haircare products to support modern consumers.

Kuldeep Knox, the founder and CEO of Champo, says "People are willing to pay more

Premium Body Care Lines - Face The Future Expands into the Hair and Coloring Categories (

Face The Future expands its portfolio to include hair and coloring care. The brand is extended its already established range of premium skincare through partnerships with haircare brands such as Hairburt, Umberto

Magnetic Styling Hair Dryers - The Ion Luxe Supercharged Hair Dryer Recalls the Last Used Settings (

Sally Beauty's Ion Luxe Supercharged Hair Dryer is a budget-friendly tool that offers pro-quality results thanks to thoughtful engineering and ionic technology to maintain hair health. The sleek and user-friendly hair dryer


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