Air-Powered Shine Sprays - The Afro Sheen Glow Up Shine Spray Enhances Hair with Three Oils (

The Afro Sheen Glow Up Shine Spray releases a fine, continuous mist and helps to enhance hair with three ultra-nourishing oils: grapeseed, coconut and sweet almond. Together, these ingredients help to supply

Mix-In Conditioner Treatments - Pantene's Moisture Mix-In Treatment Enhances Everyday Conditioners (

Pantene's mix-in conditioner treatment shares a simple way to get more from an everyday conditioner by enriching it with ultra-nourishing ingredients like provitamin B5, lipids and avocado oil. The Pantene Miracle Rescue

Bedtime Dry Shampoos - Colab's Overnight Renew Dry Shampoo Helps to Create Fresh Morning Hair (

Dry shampoo is often used before working out or while styling hair on an as-needed basis to absorb excess oils and odors but Colab is introducing the Overnight Renew Dry Shampoo to

Strengthening Clay Hair Masks - Dove's White Clay Hair Mask is a Five-Minute Post-Shampoo Treatment (

Clay masks are known for their detoxifying properties and usually associated with skincare but there's a new wave of clay-based hair care products that are emerging like the Dove Mineral Strengthens +

High-Performing Ethical Haircare - WeDo Makes Natural, Vegan Products for Millennials and Gen Z (

weDo is a new brand that makes high-performing natural hair care products to support a more ethical and sustainable future. The brand's minimalist, vegan and cruelty-free products appeal to Millennial and Gen

Nourishing Probiotic Haircare - Mother Dirt's Makes Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash and Conditioner (

In addition to offering a probiotic skincare system, Mother Dirt makes probiotic haircare products that are nourishing and all-natural. To complement the newly reformulated Probiotic Hydrating Hair Wash, Mother Dirt introduced a

Sustainable Haircare Bars - A Full-Sized Superzero Bar is Equal to Two to Three 8.4-Ounce Bottles (

In the fight against plastic waste, many environmentally conscious consumers are making the switch to solid haircare bars that minimize packaging waste and offer high-performance formulas that are suited for a wide

Transgender Rights-Supporting Campaigns - Pantene is Bringing Its #HairHasNoGender Project to Canada (

As a part of its ongoing commitment to supporting equality of the LGBTQ+ community, Pantene launched its #HairHasNoGender project in Canada in celebration of Transgender Awareness Week, after first debuting it in

Travel-Sized Cord-Free Hair Tools - The Unbound Petite Collection by CONAIR Just Launched (

Just in time for the holiday season, CONAIR has released the new Unbound Petite Collection, a series of miniature tools that are perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. The new collection includes the Petite

Long-Lasting Shampoo Bars - Garnier's Ultimate Blends Shampoo Bars are 94% Plant-Based (

In the fight against plastic waste, Garnier is setting itself apart as one of the first major brands to introduce a range of plastic-free Ultimate Blends Shampoo Bars in the UK. The

National Adoption Month Campaigns - Pantene Launched Three Short Films to Celebrate LGBTQ+ Parents (

With November marking National Adoption Month, Pantene took the occasion to launch a series of short films that honor three real families who've adopted a child.

The videos focus on LGBTQ+

30 Hair Care Gift Ideas - From Made-to-Order Hair Color Kits to At-Home Curly Hair Treatments (

These hair care gift ideas range from made-to-order hair color kits to curl-specific at-home hair treatments.

Curly hair-themed standouts include Kurly Klips, a range of clip-ins for natural hair to boost