Almond Milk-Infused Haircare - Carol’s Daughter Debuted Almond Milk Shampoo and Conditioner (

Carol's Daughter, the Brooklyn-based natural hair care and beauty brand "made with love for beautiful, healthy hair and glowing skin, recently expanded its portfolio with the introduction of the new Almond Milk

Oat Milk-Based Shampoos - The Garnier Gentle Shampoo Whole Blends Oat Delicacy is Gentle (

Plant-based milk, in particular oat milk, has grown widely popular among many consumers and one brand is leveraging the new trend in its shampoo – the Garnier Gentle Shampoo Whole Blends Oat

3-in-1 Hair Systems - Revlon Professional's Nutri Color Filters Promote Healthy and Color-Rich Hair (

Revlon Professional has launched its new Nutri Color Filters, a 3-in-1 haircare and color product that spotlights its revolutionary Insta-PIC technology.

The key benefits of the technology are broken down into

Fast-Acting Hair Repair Kits - This Amika Set Includes a 60-Second Rinse-Out Treatment (

The Most Improved Hair Repair Set by Amika is a limited-edition kit designed to get hair back into a healthy state, fast. The kit contains products like the Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment,

Silk Protein Hair Collections - The Nexxus Curl Define Range Delivers Innovations for Curly Hair (

Curly hair depends on the right balance of moisture and protein and the Nexxus Curl Define range shares a selection of innovative protein products that were expressly created with curly hair in

Canadian High-Performance Haircare Products - AOB is Launched by Stylist Aaron O'Bryan in April 2020 (

AOB is a new high-performance haircare company, founded by a professional with over 15+ years of experience in the industry. The brand is built on three important pillars—performance, scent, and packaging. Extensively

Top 100 Fashion Trends in February - From Whimsical Escapism Fashion to Y2K-Inspired Denim Capsules (

The February 2021 fashion trends stem from a wide range of influences, delivering silhouettes that are ready for any season of the year globally. This list celebrates an eclectic range of inspirations

Hydrating Clean Haircare Lines - Derma E Has Introduced Three New Products to Its Hair Collection (

Derma E, a clean skincare brand that's also been steadily growing its range of haircare products, has announced the launch of three new treatments.

This includes its Scalp Relief Treatment, which

Hydrating Protective Haircare - The Dark & Lovely Protective Styles Collection Supports Expression (

The Dark & Lovely Protective Styles collection was created to help Black women embrace protective styles, support healthy growth and enjoy their hair as a means of self-expression. The range of products

Bi-Directional Dry-Shave Razors - The Flawless Nu Razor Conserves Water and Saves Skin from Cuts (

Finishing Touch Flawless is introducing a revolutionary hair removal device in the form of a dry-shave razor that promises no nicks, cuts or irritation. The Finishing Touch Flawless Nu Razor boasts an

Lavish Hair Masques - The Chris Appleton x Color Wow Money Masque Creates "Expensive-Looking Hair" (

The Chris Appleton x Color Wow's Money hair masque gives people the chance to get the signature high-gloss sheen of hair styled by the beloved hairstylist, who regularly creates looks for celebrity

Whiskey-Infused Hair Elixirs - We Are Paradoxx's Hangover Hair Elixir Boasts Flask-Like Packaging (

We Are Paradoxx's Hangover Hair Elixir sets itself apart from other nourishing hair elixirs with a formula that's infused with Irish whiskey and a plastic-free packaging design that's reminiscent of pocket flasks.