Affordable Scalp Care Solutions - Arkive is a Hair Care Range from Hairstylist Adam Reed (

Arkive is a universal head care range for "you, yours and theirs" by hairstylist Adam Reed and it's accessibly priced to support the health of the hair, starting with the scalp. There

Gender-Neutral Hair Fragrances - Forever Generation by AURA Reminds of Fine Fragrance (

In celebration of its one-year anniversary, personalized hair care brand AURA is introducing a new gender-neutral fragrance called Forever Generation. This unique scent was created with fragrance partners and it "goes beyond

Premium Men's Hair Products - Slick Gorilla Offers Premium Hair Styling Products for Men (

Slick Gorilla is a men's premium hair brand, founded in the streets of the UK. It is known as "the King of Hair Products" to locals. The brand's breakthrough product is dubbed

Hair Thickening Serums - The Nue Co. Offers the SUPA_THICK Topical Scalp Supplement Serum (

The Nue Co. offers consumers its SUPA_THICK topical scalp serum. As the winter months persist, it's common for the scalp to become dry and itchy, which can sometimes impact the amount of

Plastic-Free Beauty Bars - ATTITUDE's leaves bars Eliminate Plastic from Daily Self-Care Routines (

Canadian body and home care product brand ATTITUDE is combating waste with a new range of plastic-free beauty bars called leaves bars. The line consists of 29 bars with solid, concentrated formulas

Next-Gen Color Care - Kérastase Chroma Absolu Supports & Strengthens from Inside Out (

Kérastase Chroma Absolu is a range that introduces consumers to a new generation of hair care thanks to science-backed formulas that support and strengthen the integrity of hair fibers from the inside

Skin-Caring Hair Collections - Skincare Brand The Ordinary Released Hair & Body Care Products (

Hair care is scalp care and affordable skincare brand The Ordinary is reminding consumers that the scalp is a part of the skin with its newest launches that cleanse and nourish the

AHA Body Cleansers - The Outer Space Foaming Body Cleanser Refreshes Acne-Prone Skin (

The Outer Space Foaming Body Cleanser marks Starface's foray into body care products and this cleansing solution was created to support those with acne-prone skin. The formula is packed with ingredients to

Lightweight Hair Dryer Brushes - Revlon's One Step Volumizer Plus is Sleeker & More Hygienic (

The best features of Revlon's viral hair dryer brush can be appreciated in a new and improved One Step Volumizer Plus version that's gentler and easier to maneuver. Complete with a series

Exfoliating Shampoo Treatments - Ceremonia's Papaya Scalp Scrub is an Invigorating Whipped Shampo (

The brand-new Papaya Scalp Scrub by Ceremonia is a unique exfoliating treatment that takes the form of a whipped shampoo for revitalizing hair, starting with the scalp and removing buildup. The product

Protein-Packed Hair Rinses - Not Your Mother's Protein Rinse Nourishes with Rice Water (

Not Your Mother's Rice Water & Himalayan Moringa Superior Strength Protein Rinse is a fast-acting hair product that is useful for leaving hair feeling more vibrant, stronger and weightless. The rinse-out liquid

Stylist Intern Initiatives - The Next of Us Intern Opportunity Fund Jumpstarts Students' Careers (

The Next of Us Inter Opportunity was established by the newly launched hair care brand NOU (Next of Us) in partnership with Pay Our Interns. Internships are essential to breaking into professional


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