Immersive Hair Experiences - The 185 GHD House Lets Guests Explore a Virtual 3D Environment (

The 185 GHD House by British hair tool brand GHD is a fully immersive 360-degree environment that invites guests to explore and interact with exclusive content from the brand in a dynamic

Top 100 Fashion Trends in June - From Upcycled Dynamic Graphic Apparel to Sustainable Polo Services (

The June 2021 fashion trends prepare for the rising temperature through bold statements and special looks. June is also Pride Month, so many brands are seen celebrating and empowering the inclusive community.

Expressive Hair Campaigns - Sally Beauty's YOU By Sally Campaign Normalizes Self-Expression (

Sally Beauty's new YOU By Sally campaign celebrates self-expression and it features real people across different ages and professions who embrace color. Sally Beauty Holding Group Vice President, Marketing, Carolyne Guss, reports

Co-Branded Demure Hair Clips - The Hair Clip Set by Nick Stenson + Pink Pewter are Stunning (

Celebrity hairstylist Nick Stenson recently joined forces with Pink Pewter to create an exclusive set of Hair Clips. The
Hair Clip Set by Nick Stenson + Pink Pewter will be available as

Scalp-Soothing Hair Dyes - The Phyto Color Permanent Hair Color Dye Simultaneously Soothes the Scalp (

The Phyto Color Permanent Hair Color Dye goes above and beyond just depositing color in 15 shades, since it boasts benefits to support the hair and scalp. Available in 15 shades that

Hybrid Cleansing Dry Shampoos - amika Debuted a New Dynamic Duo Dry Shampoo Lover’s Set (

amika, the popular hair care brand, recently launched the new the ‘Dynamic Duo Dry Shampoo Lover’s Set.' The hybrid cleansing dry shampoo combines the brand's best-selling 'Perk Up Dry Shampoo' with its

Sleek Salon Haircare Collections - Moroccan Gold Series Revamps its Product Packaging and Website (

The salon haircare brand, Moroccan Gold Series, unveils its revamped package and website design. The indie cosmetics brand aimed for a luxurious new style to its best-selling Argan Collection line of hair

Sustainable Haircare Travel Sets - The Detoxifier Travel Set Contains Nourishing Essential Oils (

The Detoxifier Travel Set, from the sustainable personal care brand Unwrapped Life, offers a shampoo and conditioner combination in a convenient travel package. Both haircare products come in an eco-friendly bar form

Tropical Dual-Purpose Scrubs - OUAI's Scalp & Body Scrub Deeply Cleanses and Nourishes (

OUAI's Scalp & Body Scrub St. Bart's is a tropical sugar scrub treat that's useful for clearing buildup from the scalp and smoothing out dry skin. The dual-purpose deep-cleansing product contains a

Fragrance-Free Curl-Friendly Haircare - LUS Brands' Fragrance-Free Haircare Caters to Curls (

LUS Brands offers three-step fragrance-free haircare products that cater to curly, kinky, and wavy hair textures. The collection includes a gentle shampoo, a silicone-free conditioner, and an all-in-one styler specifically designed for

Deep-Conditioning Curly Hair Oils - Here2Grow Partners with Purely Natural to Create Nectar Hair Oil (

Contract formulation specialist, Here2Grow, teamed with award-winning London-based hair salon, Purely Natural, to develop the Nectar Hair Oil. This deep conditioning hair treatment is specifically designed for afro and mixed texture natural

Rapid Conditioning Treatments - The instantINTENSITY 30 Second Treatment Quickly Cares for Dry Hair (

Flow's instantINTENSITY is a 30-second conditioning treatment that can be applied after shampooing, then rinsed out in a record amount of time. This new way of caring for dry hair is easy